Client added a bunch of Amazon affiliate links to their site, but… they didn’t give me the heads up.

They were hoping to add additional passive income by sending people OFF of their website (stealing sales from their core product). Instead, then new pages had thin content that provided no real value and diluted the value propositions of their site.

Traffic suffered. 📉

When I found out about these pages I had immediate concerns because of the thin content and sending people off site. But I also understand that SEO isn’t their only consideration. I asked if they’d got any sales from the experiment. “Not really.”

I recommended how to strategically un-do the pages and map their deletion. After all, don’t want to solve one problem (removing the thin pages) and create another (now dozens of dead links).

Client approved, fixed the mess, and exactly one month later their organic traffic is up 33%.

Grass is always greener… but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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