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January is such a month for productivity. Aside from New Year resolutions and January being National Thank You Month, January is also National Mentoring Month. The purpose is to promote the importance of learning and teaching. Learning from or passing on your experience to others is far more rewarding than learning alone.

Websites that teach SEO

In light of the National Mentoring Month, we want to acknowledge some great websites for those interested in learning the basics of SEO. These websites play a huge role in the lives of expert and novice SEO’s by covering search engine news, updates and all-things related to search engine optimization.


Starting out as an SEO consulting company, Moz is has evolved into an internet marketing platform and is now one of the most respected companies in their field. With tens of thousands of subscribers, Moz helps businesses better understand how to effectively market themselves online.


Search Engine Land is a website focused on delivering daily updates in the search marketing industry. They cover various aspects of SEO and SEM. The website’s daily news ranges from unveiling breaking stories, product changes of SEO platforms, search engine algorithm updates, to industry trends.


If you want to delve specifically into the world of SEO, then Search Engine Watch is the go-to website. They provide tips and information about analysis of the search engine industry, and specifically, how to improve a website’s visibility online.


Initiated by Bill Slawski, a renowned SEO guru, SEO by the Sea is a blog that digests concepts on how ranking web pages is done or how search engines operate. The site often shares interesting assumptions regarding future surprises of search engines.


Search Engine Journal focuses on news and trends of search engine algorithms, software, and products.