Microsoft has developed a new site, They site reads that “Bing It On is a side-by-side Bing versus Google search-off challenge. 5 rounds, one winner.” The intention of the site is to allow a visitor to enter a search term. The site then displays two side-by-side windows with your search results, but doesn’t tell you which side is showing which results. You can then vote if you prefer the results on the left or the right. After 5 search result tests it will tell you which you chose more, Bing or Google. claims, “People chose Bing results over Google nearly two to one in blind comparison tests.”

It is an interesting marketing campaign. While the layout of Bing’s search engine may not be as second nature as Google has become, they have significantly improved their search algorithms. While Google continues to regularly change their algorithm structures, add new or too many features and frustrating many, look for Bing to continue targeting people looking for a new search alternate. And for good reason. An article from SEW from the first quarter of 2012 stated, “At 15.3 percent, Bing grabbed its highest search engine share since launching in 2009, topping its previous high of 15.2 percent, set in January.” They continue, ” Bing became the number two U.S. search engine in the U.S. when it surpassed Yahoo for the first time in December 2011.”

Head on over to and give it a try for yourself.