There is no shortage of bloggers these days. Bloggers write about anything under the sun. Some of them write for a living, earning a certain amount of money for publishing something that fills up space. Others write to share personal musings with a close circle of associates.

Make Your Blogs More Engaging

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With so much written content out there, the question becomes, “Are people reading my blogs?” Sadly, many of these blogs end up in the web’s black hole, forever lost.  However, this is not an inevitable fate.  If you write well and include key elements, your blog will capture the interest of many readers.

Here are a few tips for writing high-interest blogs:

  • Create an interesting introduction – Most readers will leave your blog if they don’t like your intro. Your intro creates a virtual first impression about the body of your work that will follow. Make your introduction interesting to pique your readers’ attention and get them to delve further into your writings.
  • Know your audience – Before you hit the first key on your keyboard, have a clear idea of who you are talking to. Know your audience—their gender, age, interests, and occupation. This will help you to build engagement through your content. Writing about general content with broad appeal isn’t nearly as well-received as writing about specific things that interest your niche audience in language that they can relate to.
  • Write about a topic that also interests you – It is difficult to write about something that you are not interested in. Your passion will shine through when you choose topics that appeal to you and your audience.
  • Be direct. Don’t take too long to make your point; people don’t have time for wasted words.  Make each sentence count, and be sure to drive your content to one central point instead of meandering around with unrelated musings.
  • Stick to your writing style – You have own trademark style. Maybe it’s humorous while others are highly intellectual. Or maybe you’re down-to-earth and witty.  Whatever your style is, stick to it. Your audience wants to see your persona coming through in your words, and they will be able to tell if your style is contrived or disingenuous.

Go over your published blogs and check the shares to see how they are faring on social media. Find the most shared blogs and determine why they were so successful. Do this repeatedly, and you will begin to hone in on the formula for creating blogs that people love to read.