Business success does not come overnight. You have to work long and hard to earn the trust of your customers. Creating content is one way to develop rapport with clients and potential clients. The challenge is getting the content in front of your target audience.

Guest Blogging Tips

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One of the best ways to build a brand online is to invest in content marketing and link up with authoritative industry leaders and bloggers. Many small businesses have been able to hit the ground running through massive guest blogging campaigns.

Guest blogging is a powerful way to grow a brand. However, you must be careful not to link up with spam sites. Rather, you should only use credible channels to distribute your content. After all, you don’t want to be guilty by association. Just imagine your post showing up next to gibberish blogs about Chinese knockoff products or pills for men’s sexual health.

The purpose of guest blogging is to tap into someone else’s followers. You will begin to establish your credibility as you get more exposure for your brand on a variety of blog platforms. As a bonus, guest blogging can be an important form of link building. But don’t treat link building as your primary objective.

As you work to build your brand through guest blogging, here are some helpful hints:

  • Keep track of your efforts — Track your guest blogging to determine if you are getting a valuable return. Guest posting may sound attractive, but it must provide a return in exposure or monetarily.
  • Strong closing — What’s the point in a blog post if it doesn’t create value and educate readers or encourage an action? Always end your blog with a strong finish that includes a call to action.
  • Invest in shelf life — Writing is usually time-sensitive, but a well-written blog may be relevant for many years to come. Invest in content that will continue to engage readers in the future. This is called “evergreen” content.
  • Do your homework — Before implementing your guest blogging strategy, see if the site’s audience is a good fit for your business. It’s better to contribute to a blog with a relevant audience with mediocre numbers than to contribute to a high readership blog in an unrelated industry.
  • Repurpose — Search for syndication partners to help you redistribute your content to new audiences. You don’t have to create fresh stuff here — simply find new readers for your existing content.


Search engines still provide many points on articles especially valuable and worthy to share. That is why some websites allow guest posting or allowing other writers to post on their sites. However, not all guest bloggers are granted a yes. This infographic will guide you through to utilize this strategy effectively.

How to Guest Post Like a Pro [infographic]