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Google has been on quite the buying spree lately. Within the last 2 weeks – 2 months Google has reportedly purchased the following:

  • Impermium, security technology
  • Nest, smart thermostat makers – $3.2 billion
  • Boston Dynamics, military-grade robots (the 8th robotics organization they have acquired within just the last 6 months
  • DeepMind, artificial intelligence – $400 million

With all of Google technology and artificial intelligence acquisitions lately, have you ever wondered how much they’ve spent on acquisitions? We did. So, we Google’d Google. We found this nice little article on Wikipedia. While it lists many of the acquisition prices, some of them are not disclosed. It also did not tally the total cost of all of these acquisitions. So, we totaled it up. And guess how much it came to?

Google acquisitions

Think about it. That’s only the ones that have reported purchase prices on Wikipedia. That means the number is much larger. Below is the table of acquisitions, their purchase prices, dates, and reported purposes. (Sorry for the tiny print. Had to fit it all in somehow.)

Company Business Type Acquisition Date Used/Integrated With Price
Deja Usenet 02/12/01 Google Groups
Outride Web search engine 09/20/01 Google Personalized Search
Pyra Labs Weblog software February 2003 Blogger
Neotonic Software Customer relationship management April 2003 Google Groups, Gmail
Applied Semantics Online advertising April 2003 AdSense, AdWords $102,000,000
Kaltix Web search engine 09/30/03 iGoogle
Sprinks Online advertising October 2003 AdSense, AdWords
Genius Labs Blogging October 2003 Blogger
Ignite Logic HTML editor 05/10/04 Google Sites
Picasa Image organizer 07/13/04 Picasa, Blogger
ZipDash Traffic analysis September 2004 Google Maps
Where2 Map analysis October 2004 Google Maps
Keyhole, Inc Map analysis 10/27/04 Google Maps, Google Earth
Urchin Software Corporation Web analytics 03/28/05 Google Analytics
Dodgeball Social networking service 05/12/05 Google Latitude
Akwan Information Technologies Search engines 07/19/05 Internet backbone
Reqwireless Mobile browser July 2005 Google Mobile
Current Communications Group Broadband Internet access 07/07/05 Internet backbone $100,000,000
Android Mobile software 08/17/05 Android $50,000,000
Skia Graphics software November 2005 Android, Google Chrome
Phatbits Widget engine 12/27/05 Google Desktop
allPAY GmbH Mobile software 12/31/05 Google Mobile
bruNET GmbH Mobile software 12/31/05 Google Mobile
dMarc Broadcasting Advertising 01/17/06 AdSense $102,000,000
Measure Map Weblog software 02/14/06 Google Analytics
Upstartle Word processor 03/09/06 Google Docs
@Last Software 3D modeling software 03/14/06 Google Sketchup
Orion Web search engine 04/09/06 Google Search
2Web Technologies Online spreadsheets 06/01/06 Google Spreadsheet
Neven Vision Germany GmbH Computer vision 08/15/06 Picasa, Google Goggles
YouTube Video sharing 10/09/06 YouTube $1,650,000,000
JotSpot Web application 10/31/06 Google Sites
Endoxon Mapping 12/18/06 Google Maps $28,000,000
Adscape In-game advertising 02/16/07 AdSense $23,000,000
Trendalyzer Statistical software 03/16/07 Google Analytics
Tonic Systems Presentation program 04/17/07 Google Docs
Marratech Videoconferencing 04/19/07 Google Talk, Google Hangouts $15,000,000
DoubleClick Online advertising 04/13/07 AdSense $3,100,000,000
GreenBorder Computer security 05/11/07 Google Chrome
Panoramio Photo sharing 06/01/07 Panoramio
FeedBurner Web feed 06/03/07 FeedBurner $100,000,000
PeakStream Parallel processing 06/05/07 Android
Zenter Presentation program 06/19/07 Google Docs
GrandCentral Voice over IP 07/02/07 Google Voice $45,000,000
ImageAmerica Aerial photography 07/20/07 Google Maps
Postini Communications security 07/09/07 Gmail $625,000,000
Zingku Social networking service 09/27/07 Google Mobile
Jaiku Microblogging 10/09/07 Google Mobile
Omnisio Online video 07/30/08 YouTube $15,000,000
TNC Weblog software 09/12/08 Blogger
On2 Video compression 08/05/09 WebM, YouTube $133,000,000
reCAPTCHA Security 09/16/09 Google Books
AdMob Mobile advertising 11/09/09 DoubleClick, Invite Media $750,000,000
Gizmo5 Voice over IP 11/09/09 Google Talk, Google Hangouts $30,000,000
Teracent Online advertising 11/23/09 AdSense
AppJet Collaborative real-time editor 12/04/09 Google Wave, Google Docs
Aardvark Social search 02/12/10 Aardvark $50,000,000
reMail Email search 02/17/10 Gmail
Picnik Photo editing 03/01/10 Picasa
DocVerse Microsoft Office files sharing site 03/05/10 Google Docs $25,000,000
Episodic Online video platform start-up 04/02/10 YouTube
PlinkArt Visual search engine 04/12/10 Google Goggles
Agnilux Server CPUs 04/20/10 Android
LabPixies Gadgets 04/27/10 iGoogle, Android
BumpTop Desktop environment 04/30/10 Android $30,000,000
Global IP Solutions Video and audio compression 05/18/10 WebRTC $68,200,000
Simplify Media Music streaming 05/20/10 Android Travel 05/21/10 Google
Invite Media Advertising 06/03/10 DoubleClick $81,000,000
ITA Software Travel technology 07/01/10 Google Flights $676,000,000
Metaweb Semantic search 07/16/10 Google Search
Zetawire Mobile payment, NFC August 2010 Android, Google Wallet
Instantiations Java/Eclipse/AJAX developer tools 08/04/10 Google Web Toolkit Social gaming 08/05/10 Google+, Orkut, Google Play $228,000,000
Jambool Social Gold payment 08/10/10 Google+, Orkut $70,000,000 Visual search engine 08/15/10 Google Offers $100,000,000
Angstro Social networking service 08/30/10 Google, Google Alert
SocialDeck, Inc. Social gaming 08/30/10 Google, Google+
Quiksee Online video 09/13/10 Google Maps $10,000,000
Plannr Schedule management 09/28/10 Google+
BlindType Touch typing 10/01/10 Android
Phonetic Arts Speech synthesis 12/03/10 Google Voice, Google Translate
Widevine Technologies DRM 12/03/10 Google TV
eBook Technologies E-book 01/13/11 Google Books
SayNow Voice recognition 01/25/11 Google Voice
fflick Social networking service 01/26/11 YouTube $10,000,000
Zynamics Security 03/01/11 Google Price comparison service 03/07/11 Google Advisor $51,505,740
Next New Networks Online video 03/07/11 YouTube
Green Parrot Pictures Digital video 03/16/11 YouTube
PushLife Service provider 04/08/11 Google $25,000,000
TalkBin Mobile software 04/26/11 Android
Sparkbuy Product search 05/23/11 Google Shopping
PostRank Social media analytics service 06/03/11 Google
Admeld Online advertising 06/09/11 DoubleClick, Invite Media $400,000,000
SageTV Media center 06/18/11 GoogleTV
Punchd Loyalty program 07/08/11 Google Offers
Fridge Social groups 07/21/11 Google+
PittPatt Facial recognition system 07/23/11 Android
Dealmap One deal a day service 08/01/11 Google Offers
Motorola Mobility Mobile device manufacturer 08/15/11 Android, Google TV, Patent portfolio $12,500,000,000
Zave Networks Digital coupons 09/07/11 Google Offers
Zagat Restaurant reviews 09/08/11 Google Places, Google Maps $151,000,000
DailyDeal One deal a day service 09/19/11 Google Offers $114,000,000
SocialGrapple Social media analytics service 10/11/11 Google+
Apture Instantaneous search 11/10/11 Google Search
Katango Social circle organization 11/14/11 Google+
RightsFlow Music rights management 12/09/11 YouTube
Clever Sense Mobile apps 12/13/11 Android
Milk, Inc Social networking service 03/16/12 Google+
TxVia Online Payment 04/02/12 Google Wallet
Meebo Instant Messaging 06/04/12 Google Hangouts $100,000,000
Quickoffice Productivity Suite 06/05/12 Google Docs
Sparrow Mobile apps 07/20/12 Gmail $25,000,000
WIMM Labs Android powered smartwatches 2012 Android
Wildfire Interactive Social media marketing 08/01/12 Google, Google+ $450,000,000 Security 09/07/12 Google
Nik Software, Inc. Photography 09/17/12 Google, Android
Viewdle Facial recognition 10/01/12 Android $45,000,000
Incentive Targeting Inc. Digital coupons 11/28/12 Google Offers
BufferBox Package delivery 11/30/12 Google Shopping, Android $17,000,000
Channel Intelligence Product ecommerce 02/06/13 Google Shopping $125,000,000
DNNresearch Inc. Deep Neural Networks 03/12/13 Google, Google X
Talaria Technologies Cloud computing 03/15/13 Google Cloud
Behavio Social Prediction 04/12/13 Google Now
Wavii Natural Language Processing 04/23/13 Google Knowledge Graph $30,000,000
Makani Power Airborne wind turbines 05/23/13 Google X
Waze GPS navigation software 06/11/13 Google Maps $966,000,000
Bump Mobile software 09/16/13 Android
Flutter Gesture recognition technology 10/02/13 Google, Android, Google X $40,000,000
FlexyCore DroidBooster App for Android 10/22/13 Android $23,000,000 Humanoid robots 12/02/13 Google X
Industrial Perception Computer Vision 12/03/13 Google X
Redwood Robotics Robotic Arms 12/04/13 Google X
Meka Robotics Robots 12/05/13 Google X
Holomni Robotic wheels 12/06/13 Google X
Bot & Dolly Robotic cameras 12/07/13 Google X
Autofuss Ads and Design 12/08/13 Google X
Boston Dynamics Robotics 12/10/13 Google X
Bitspin Timely App for Android 01/04/14 Android
Nest Home automation 01/13/14 $3,200,000,000
Impermium Internet security 01/15/14 Google+
DeepMind Technologies Artificial Intelligence 01/26/14 $400,000,000


$26.8 Billion in Google Acquisitions