People might be surprised to learn that images can be used for SEO strategies, but many people in the SEO field are effectively using them to convey content. A strong infographic can empower users’ understanding by breaking down complex information into digestible, visual pieces. Infographics can grab and hold people’s attention, making them a very desirable form of communication.

The following factors help explain why infographics can be a valuable SEO tool:

  • Infographics are shareable and linkable – HubSpot estimates that 40 percent of people respond better to visual information than text. Photos or images on Facebook are shared five times more than text Infographics are part of the visual bandwagon, featuring shareable content that can guarantee marketers measurable results.
  • Infographic research can be incorporated into white papers or press releases –Infographics are not mere stand-alone visual assets. Clever marketers can reapply the same research and data for press releases, white papers, or investigative pieces. Use your infographic information elsewhere and create more inbound marketing opportunities.
  • Infographics can gain traction and links in complex industries – An SEO team may find it difficult to produce a convincing article about a complex industry; however, a simple infographic that showcases certain aspects of the industry will get attention.
  • It is easier to explain complex data in the visual form – The human brain can find it hard to process complicated figures and detailed facts. Experts in the field of psychology have proven that visual aids have massive mnemonic and pedagogic value. Infographics can condense important charts, data, and tables into a single canvas that will make information digestible.
  • Infographics are not expensive – You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on an infographics design agency. There are plenty of high-quality freelance graphic designers that you can find on the Internet who can churn out attractive, meaningful infographics for as little as $500 each.
  • Infographics have measurable results and “return on investment” – Infographics offer quick feedback that include backlinks, social shares, citations, and traffic. These quantifiable results enable SEO specialists to prepare a comprehensive ROI report for their clients.

While some sectors advocate a focus on on-page visual elements, infographics still hold a critical place in the realm of SEO.