Looking for ways to boost your online sales or lead quantity? Here are some tried and tested tips on how you can boost your exposure from search engines.

Increasing Organic Traffic to Your Site

1. Do some research. Once you know what words that you would like to show up in search engines for, search them yourself to see what your competition looks like. If you’re competing for page one against giants like Amazon and Walmart, you may have a long road ahead of you. Find words and phrases that give you more of an equal playing field.

2. Long-tail keywords. As per #1, longer, more specific keywords often have less competition. Find phrases to target that are more refined. They will have less competition and will convert higher for you. An example would be “Chinese food in Los Angeles” as compared to “Chinese food.”

3. Keep blogging. A big part of SEO is communicating to search engines how experienced and professional in your niche you are. Search engines want to rank websites that are “an authority” in their industry. Showcase your extensive knowledge of your industry by blogging about it. Regularly update your website with industry news, product updates, service updates, tips, etc. It is important not to be promoting sales in every blog post. It’s best to educate, not sale.

4. Link to social networks. Social networking is one of the most modern ways of reaching out to audiences. You can use your different social network accounts as a promotional tool for your website by just linking to and from your social media accounts.

5. Always follow the rules. Cheating search engines by using spammy or outdated tactics may lead you to more trouble than benefit. If you approach SEO by implementing black hat tactics, you are likely to create a footprint at some point. Once search engines are on to your footprint, it’s only a matter of time before you get penalized or removed from the search engine results entirely.

It will take time to generate traffic to your site but, if you do the right things, you will reap the rewards.