It’s a proven fact that companies that blog get more traffic. Blogging can be a valuable practice but only if that traffic equates to sales. If you would like to increase your blog’s readership, try these tips:

How to Write Irresistible Blog Posts

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  • Be consistent – The more often you update your blog, the more traffic you are likely to get. Google rewards websites that have fresh content. Updating your blog frequently will improve your stratification.
  • Be strategic about blog topics – Many bloggers write about topics that they like with no regard for what is interesting to readers. Know your audience and anticipate what issues they care most about.  Use keyword research and monitoring tools to find out what topics are trending with the demographics you are most interested in attracting.
  • Link your pages – It is important to link to other pages on your website. Internal linking to other relevant pages will allow you to keep visitors on your site longer, improving your posts’ rankings.  Make a habit of going back through your older posts and linking them to your recent posts to guide visitors to your most current material and boost search engine rankings.
  • Include images – Visuals in blogs increase engagement by making the post more appealing.  They also allow you to incorporate keywords in the Alt Image tag to further boost SEO.
  • Bring in the experts – You can add credibility to your blog by bringing in guest contributors. This allows you to add more content to your blog without having to write everything yourself. The bonus is that the contributors will share your site with their networks to show off their work that’s featured on your website.

Use these simple tips to create appealing and engaging content that will increase your readership, site rankings, brand recognition, and, ultimately, your profits.