Many digital marketers do research and create well-written, relevant content, expecting that it will create vast improvements for their company’s SEO rankings on Google. When content doesn’t do as well as expected, these same marketers find themselves scratching their heads and wondering what they are doing wrong. Writing quality content is essential for effective internet marketing, but its only part of the equation when it comes to bringing your website to the top of the rankings.

How to Win Google’s Heart

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It’s not enough to pour your heart and soul into the articles you’re writing. A good digital marketer will know information that their target audience wants, and how they want to consume that information, whether it be in a blog post or as an infographic. The best way to go about knowing what your audience wants is to do a little research. Through tracking your articles with different tools, you can see if the keywords and content you’re producing are making waves on Google. Depending on how big the response is to the content, you will be able to tell if your audience is engaged or not.

Here are a few things you can do to help make your content more successful:

  • Review Google Search Console to see how you’re doing — Information inside Google Analytics and Google Search Console will show you how often your website appears in search results. It will also give you insights into clicks, CTR, position, and impressions. You can also filter searches by queries if you want to know what keywords people are using to search for businesses like yours.
  • Apply all information to your content — When you first look into Analytics your eyes may be drawn to the graph at the top. However, that’s not the only information you should look at. Below the graph, there will be other information that you can compare side-by-side. It’s crucial that you take time to determine whether or not the number of search impressions for your site are leading people to enter the website and then click through it. If people are coming to your page, but not staying there, the problem may lie with your content. If there aren’t very many people visiting your website, but those who come spend time clicking through several pages, your content may be good, but your keywords may be weak. You can also see which landing pages get the most clicks to determine what kind of content your audience is interested in.
  • Make necessary adjustments to headlines, title tags, and meta descriptions — Even if it looks like your audience doesn’t think your content is relevant to them, there are still some things you can do to get use out of that content. Adjusting the headline, title tag, or meta description of your article into something that your audience is known to connect with can encourage them to click on your content. Since the headline is the first thing your audience will read, it’s important that it shows that the content contains something high interest. Just make sure that as you make updates to your content, your headline stays relevant.

If you invest the time in discovering what content works and doesn’t work for your website, you will be able to make changes to improve your company’s visibility online.