Just like any other kind of content, YouTube videos must be optimized so web users can easily find them. First and most importantly, you need to have a good video because there is no point in trying to optimize a bad video. Let’s take a look at what makes a great video:

How to get your Youtube Videos Noticed

(Pixabay / TymonOziemblewski)

1. Good Content with a Solid Message or Theme

A good YouTube video must offer a clear message and good content. Anything interesting and highly relatable is a good subject for your video. Make sure you that your audience is hooked within the first 10-20 seconds of your video.

Brian Dean, respected in the SEO industry, suggests utilizing the ‘PPP’ method to optimize your YouTube videos. This means that you offer your audience a Preview, then Proof, and finally a Preview again.
Begin by offering your audience a hint of what your entire video is all about the moment the video begins. Next, make sure that what you’re showing is something useful and interesting to your viewers. Lastly, reiterate what the whole video was about and add a few additional details that the viewer will find helpful.

It’s also been shown that adding in a “call to action” at the end of your video is a good way to get more hits in the future. Ask your viewers to engage in your page or video by subscribing, liking the content, or sharing on social media.

2. Excellent Visuals and Audio

Video quality is vital. Needless to say, you have to make sure there is no background noise or distortions of any sort. This will retain viewers’ engagement. Good, clear audio helps a lot, too. Users may forgive sub-par video quality if the content is exceptional, but they generally have little patience for poor sound.

To go along with that, make sure that your video images are polished. Take the time to add graphics, borders, attractive pictures, and framing to your video content.

3. Know your keywords

Keywords are vital to your videos so that they can be easily found by users. Make sure that your target keywords are clear and appear in your title for heightened visibility.

4. Create a Catchy Video Title

Spend time creating an alluring video title. Your headline is an essential aspect of your content. It creates a first impression that will draw your audience in.

5. Use Video Playlists

Playlists are a good way to keep people on your page longer than they might otherwise stay. Playlists automatically move from your video to other videos that you have created or that have similar content to yours. It is a good way for followers to learn more about your brand, and playlists also generate more views for your other videos.

Creating great video content and properly optimizing it are two of the key factors in making a video successful. You then have to share and post the links on other reputable websites or social media platforms where they will be seen by the greatest number of people. Good optimization is the key to making your next video go viral.