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A homepage is usually the most important part of a website. Visitors may find their way to your site through direct pages or paid targeting, but the home page usually gets around 50% of the traffic otherwise. The design of the homepage is critical to a website. It can make or break the user’s experience.

Build a Better Homepage

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Here are some tips from leading SEO firms in Utah for creating an optimal design for your website’s homepage:

  • Value propositions – The main message on the homepage should include your value propositions. Why does the visitor need you? What problem do you help them solve? Often, people make the mistake of using marketing jargon that is understood by people in the industry but not the general readership. Subject your main message to extensive testing to make sure that it will be understood easily by your target audience.
  • Streamlining navigation – The purpose of intuitive navigation is to help users have a quick and easy browsing experience. Website navigation can be very complicated, especially for sites with huge inventories. Complexity can be avoided through the use of flat architecture that puts most content within reach with one or two clicks. Navigation should be located in a logical position on the homepage, using simple language that will not lead to confusion.
  • Focus – Too many competing messages, marketing priorities, and images could clutter a homepage, resulting in diminished effectiveness.
  • Investing in imagery – Strong visual stimulation, when included on the homepage, captivates visitors and makes them want to keep browsing. For example, Apple has one of the best websites out there. This is due to the extensive and enjoyable use of imagery. High-quality images are front and center on every page, which allows the products to speak for themselves.