April welcomes Administrative Professionals Week. This day was born from the idea of Mary Barrett, President of the National Secretaries Association, now called IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals), and C. King Woodbridge, President of Dictaphone Corporation. Their goal was to recognize the contributions of secretaries and other administrative personnel within the industry, and to support their personal development, as well as encourage people to take administrative careers.

In 1952, National Secretaries Week became official. The name was then changed to Professional Secretaries Week in 1981. The name was, again, changed to Administrative Professionals Week in 2000.

SEO National appreciates all that our administrative do to keep our team on track. In recognition of Administrative Professionals week, we want to thank them for supporting all of our SEO company’s customers. Here are a few things that we couldn’t do without our administrative professionals at our search engine optimization company.

Keyword Research

An SEO campaign is no good unless the right keywords are researched and vetted from the beginning. Our admins have an effective plan for each new campaign that comes in. Thorough competitive analysis and search volume research is done for all keywords prior to starting an SEO campaign so as to ensure your search engine optimization success.

Ranking Reports

Once your search engine optimization campaign is off and running you’ll want to make sure that you’re making progress. Thanks to our admins, our customers get regular SEO ranking reports to ensure that they’re getting a return on their investment.

Traffic Reports

In addition to making sure your keywords are increasing you’ll want to see organic traffic to your website increasing. Our admins ensure regular monitoring of your traffic’s increases.

Google Analytics can be confusing. Our admins translate the charts, graphs, and statistics in Google Analytics in easy-to-read reports. You’ll get transparent data about your progress without all of the excess.

In recognition of Administrative Professionals Week, thanks, and kudos to our team. Thank you for strategizing for our internet marketing customers. Thank you for digesting and presenting Google Analytics data. Thank you for everything.