Want to show up in Google News, ABC, CBS, and all those news sites that people charge thousands of dollars to get you featured in? Here’s how you can do it yourself for less than $100.

Before I show you where to submit your announcement, here’s how to format it to increase your chances of being featured.

➡️ First Paragraph

Use the first paragraph of your press release to summarize the “news” that you are sharing in the press release.  Start with an introduction of who you or your company is, why you are an authority on the topic and maybe include a statistic, if available, about the topic.

➡️ Second Paragraph

The second paragraph is a good opportunity to validate the topic and you being an authority of the topic by providing a quote, or a testimonial.

➡️ Third Paragraph

The third paragraph is where you can dive into details about the topic at hand.  You can also add data, facts, references, credibility, etc. to support your statements about the topic.  Social signals are good for reinforcement (talk about how many people are involved, benefit from the topic, major companies that use your product/service, you in the news, etc.)

➡️ Fourth Paragraph

Quotes and testimonials add a lot of power to a press release.  Add another quote or testimonial here.

➡️ Final Paragraph

Summarize everything that has been discussed in the previous paragraphs and wrap up with some information about you or your company again.  Include a call-to-action, or a way for readers to contact you for more information about you, your company or the press release’s topic.

Awesome! But don’t know WHAT to write about? Here’s some inspiration.


  • Company announcements
  • Company appointing new management/staff
  • Unveiling of a new product, service or location
  • Attendance of a conference/convention/workshop
  • Growth data (best quarter, X% gains, etc.)
  • Continued education
  • Presenting a new feature of your company
  • Launching something new
  • Promotional events
  • Engagements that you’re hosting
  • Upgrades to company facilities
  • Expansions
  • Introductions or debuts of new company elements
  • Improvements of your company
  • Awards or accolades your company or staff has received or given
  • Joins with another company or person for something
  • Visits from distinguished individual or companies to your company
  • Media coverage your company was featured within

Now that you have something ready to share with the world, submit it to PRunderground.com. There are countless other “fancy” news websites, but they have little-to-no added reach for their significantly higher cost.

Many of the sites that other outlets syndicate to include fake sites that they build to say they have a bigger reach than other channels. They don’t. Most of those other sites do not get indexed (read) by Google, and all have “nofollow” links, advising Google to ignore the syndicated content (your announcement).

Press releases ALMOST NEVER drive media press. The most consistent benefit of modern press releases is using a channel that gets indexed by search engines, so that Google sees you featured and that vouches for your website’s credibility.

Last, don’t submit the announcement to multiple outlets. All the good ones distribute to Google News. There’s no benefit in Google seeing two sites with the same verbiage, but there is potential for duplicate content issues.

Avoid “Free” outlets. Any that don’t submit to Google have no value.

Now that you’re famous, screenshot your features on these media outlets, blog about it, and share on social media. The added value that you get from being featured is what you do with it after.

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