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Google recently announced a new series on its YouTube channel, further populating its broad range of resources to help people improve their websites and better understand Google’s practices. The series, titled SEO Snippets, features the Google team answering questions from webmasters and SEO specialists.

SEO Snippets

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The type of questions that are featured are regularly seen on the Webmaster Central Help Forum, but SEO Snippets presents them in an engaging video format. SEO Snippets covers topics including 404 errors, website URL structure, how crawling works, duplicate content, and many more.

Matt Cutts used to be head of search quality at Google and famously became the face of the company, creating a strong line of communication between webmasters and Google. Cutts joined Google as a software engineer in January 2000 and later became the head of Web Spam. For many years, Cutts was incredibly popular with SEO companies and publishers seeking his advice for getting found within Google. Cutts was knowledgeable about Google’s sometimes-controversial listing policies and, more importantly, transparent and willing to share information regarding them.

Cutts took leave from Google starting in 2014. During that time, Cutts did a stint with the US Digital Service, planning to stay for only three months. The three months turned into six months and more. On December 31, 2016, Cutts resigned from Google to work full time with US Digital Service as the director of engineering.

When Matt Cutts left Google, many people felt that they lost touch with an insider. They have expressed frustration at not being able to communicate with a real person at Google as they try to crack Google’s increasingly opaque code of conduct. SEO Snippets aims to help repair relationships, taking over the role performed for many years by Matt Cutts.