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June recognizes World Environment Day.  Join us at SEO National in expanding eco-friendly practices beyond the home and into the workplace.  Together, we can minimize the negative impact that society is creating and begin to protect our precious planet.

World Environment Day

If you have to use supplies, buy recycled

There are a lot of office supplies that you can buy in stores which are made of recycled materials. By buying recycled supplies you minimize new trees and other natural resources from having to be used.

Conserve energy

If you leave the room go out for a while, turn off the lights.  At SEO National, we employ motion activated lights witches.  Now we get the advantages of saving power without the headaches of having to keep track of turning the lights off and on as we go between rooms.

Go paperless

Take advantage of cloud storage to minimize paper use.  Send digital contracts to avoid wasting paper (and time!) with printed contracts.  Consider re-using old paper before throwing it out.  Erroneous printouts make for great scratch papers during brain storming sessions or other activities.

Bike to work

The pollution output by a car’s emissions is a major contributor to air pollution.  Help minimize your impact on the environment by by ditching your car and using a bike instead.  Do you live far from your work?  No problem.  Bike to a mass transit station, like your local bus depot.

Together, we can all make a difference and make strides towards achieving a better environment.  Join us at SEO National and spread the word about ways to be eco-friendly around the office this World Environment Day.