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You have a beautiful website, but no one is visiting it?  Growing your business requires a substantial flow of traffic to your website, which can be attained through search engine optimization (“SEO”). Solid SEO includes the continuous generation of high-quality, relevant content. Such content not only resonates with search engine algorithms to increase rankings, but is also a great way to connect with customers.

Does Content Marketing Still Work?

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Content marketing, a component of SEO, is the strategy of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract a target audience. Creating content is easy; the challenge lies in creating valuable and quality content that your target market is looking for.

Consumers today are bombarded with a glut of information every day. All of this information, while helpful, can become overwhelming and confusing. As people sift through a pile of content, they are looking for specific and credible answers for their problems.

Customers will be more likely to patronize a business when they view the company’s website as a credible source of authority.  This credibility can be established through content.  Content can establish you as a reputable and trusted company that delivers insights and answers that enrich people’s lives.  There are plenty of websites out there, but customers want ones that they can trust—not just websites that are after their money.

Good content plays an essential role in the sales process, although it should not play out as a sales pitch. Content should not constantly focus on a company’s products.  Rather, it should provide answers to your target audience’s questions. Helping your customers will build their trust, and earning their trust is what will bring the sale.