Change is scary.

Especially when money is on the line.

Your money. Your customer’s money.

Always the one to try and be proactive about shifts in search engine optimization, I recently made a major overhaul to my company’s content strategy.

SEO National would no longer blog weekly for SEO clients.

Instead of 4-5 blog posts per month for each client we would do just 1-2.

A 50%+ cut in content volume.

But the new content would be more strategic than the already well-researched approach we had historically done, and longer form.

2-3 times longer.

The results? A-ma-zing.

Not in the cliché way, but literally unbelievable.

Clients individual articles are ranking on page one in just days, like the attached.

Amazon ungating


Day six is when we checked this target for client Buy Box Experts, “Amazon ungating,” so it may have been ranking even quicker.

One article.

Less than a week old.

Zero backlinks/supportive efforts yet beyond content and already ranking.

Already tipping onto page one.

Guaranteed top rankings in the upcoming weeks with follow-up supportive SEO efforts.


Work smarter, not harder?

Strategize your content smarter, not harder.