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Among the biggest mistakes users make when auditing a website is not paying attention to the small details.

SEO audit mistakes

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It is true that a 404 page here and there won’t make or break a website’s success, nor will an empty meta description, but all of the small things add up.
While meta descriptions may not carry the SEO weight that they used to, if anything, they still offer a great opportunity for call-to-action.  Without populating your meta descriptions, Google will often pick a random snippet of text from your page and use that instead.  Instead, structure your meta description to encourage users to click on your search result by including a call-to-action at the end, like “Click now to read about XYZ.”
Surprisingly, no matter how much Google harps about page speed and mobile-friendly design, the majority of websites aren’t cutting it.  While most of us in the tech world are fortunate enough to have high-speed internet and the latest phone, a large percentage of the world is on 3G or slower speeds and are back a few versions on their phone.  Websites must load quickly and be responsive to serve a greater audience.