E-commerce websites deal with so many ongoing variables that they can be difficult to manage. Focusing your time on the SEO aspects of your e-commerce web page, however, will help ensure optimal results. There are a number of SEO mistakes that often trip people up. If you can avoid these, you will be able to manage your site much more efficiently.

Avoid These Errors on E-commerce Website

(Pixabay / Monoar)

Here are a few SEO blunders to steer clear of:

  • Writing substandard product descriptions – Product descriptions should be detailed, coherent, and comprehensive.
  • Copying the manufacturer’s description – Duplicating copy from the manufacturer is taboo. Create unique descriptive content or risk having search engines filter you out for lack of uniqueness. Provide a distinct description of each product you carry. If you duplicate content between items, customers will notice. So will search engines, resulting in lower traffic.
  • Using poorly-chosen titles – Unique titles for your product pages will help search engines identify your website as an individual entity and ensure that your title is not confused with other similar titles. Create unique key phrases to eliminate repetition between products, and remember that online shoppers will be searching for key phrases, not merely keywords.
  • Failing to optimize your product pages – Put a high priority on the products that will appeal to the most people. Optimize their titles and descriptions. Incorporate keywords on the product pages, being sure to use them in your product titles, article headlines, and website content as a whole.
  • Lack of product reviews – High-quality product reviews are a vital piece of Amazon’s success. They should be part of your success, too. Most e-commerce users defer to product reviews before pushing the “buy” button. Product reviews also lend unique content to your site.
  • Not facilitating content sharing – Be sure to create a social toolbar or sharing buttons. As more people share your content, the more activity your website will have. Search engines will take note of the uptick in activity.

Don’t get tripped up by these prevalent mistakes. Check your website and make necessary adjustments so your e-commerce site can flourish.