You can spread the message of your brand and win the trust of your target audience when you start contributing content to other blogs related to your niche market. Guest blogging is a proven online marketing strategy you can use to drive customers to your company.

Reasons to Guest Blog

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Here are some benefits of guest blogging:

  • Capture targeted traffic — Contributing to other sites that cater to your customer base will attract the right kind of people to your product or service. If the quality of the post is good, it could help drive traffic to your website, which in turn can translate into sales. If you also optimize your website’s landing pages, your chances of changing page views to conversions will increase.
  • Build backlinks — Generally, bloggers that accept guest posts will allow the author to link back to their website in the article. If you contribute to many blogs, you will be able to leave plenty of backlinks that will bring more traffic to your site.
  • Improve brand awareness — More and more people will know your brand as you post guest blogs to various websites. When writing your post, make sure you use your brand’s voice and reference your brand in the post.
  • Encourage social media engagement — When you submit a guest blog to a site with social media exposure, you can expect people to share the content across a variety of platforms. You can enhance the chances of your content being distributed by ensuring that it is highly shareable. Infographics are a great option here.
  • Expand your personal network — Guest blogging allows you to easily connect with influencers in your industry. There are plenty of opportunities that will be open to you once you post guest blogs to various websites. For example, you can join a community of contributors or take part in an email thread that brainstorms potential topics. You could also have the opportunity to collaborate with other bloggers on creating co-authored blog posts.
  • Broaden your social media following — Each website has its own set of social media followers. Writing a guest blog for websites gives you a direct line of communication to someone else’s followers. If your writing and information is good, those followers may also follow you.
  • Assert your online authority — The business-consumer relationship is all about trust. When quality websites accept your guest blog, it helps establish that you are an authority within your market. If your audience determines that you’re trustworthy, they are more likely to respect you as an influencer in your online community.

If you’re considering guest blogging to build your brand, be sure to take the time and effort necessary to do a quality job. If you do, the rewards will be well worth the elbow grease.