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When you think of blogs, you probably think of text.  But for maximum effect, a blog should be more than just words on the page. It should be a harmonious combination of text, images, and other multi-media elements.

5 Ways Images Can Help Your Blog

(Pixabay / fancycrave)

Here are a few reasons to include images in your blog posts:

  1. Eye-catching – Everybody knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. Use relevant, high-quality images to increase the visual appeal of your blog.
  2. More content – Long blog posts tend to look more credible. Adding an image to your blog won’t drive up the word count, but it can make your article look longer and meatier.
  3. Pictures say it better – Sometimes you can convey with just one picture what it would take countless words to convey. Images and infographics can help you get your meaning across—and they’re a lot more fun to look at than plain old words.
  4. More traffic – When you optimize the alt text and image description of an image, the search engines will take note and may rank you higher in search results.
  5. Shareable content – Visual content resonates well with social media users. Optimize your images for social media sharing for extra traction.

If you’re a text-only blogger, make a point of including a couple of optimized images per blog.  It will pay off in increased traffic and conversions.