Infographics are invaluable when it comes to spicing up your content. Statistics and other data can be hard to digest in written form, so it’s crucial to know how to present that information in a way that’s easier to understand. Infographics provide the solution to that problem. However, they not only help with communicating information; they can also be a backlink source that helps drive traffic to your website.

Tools for Creating Quality Infographics

(Pixabay / JuralMin)

To be effective, an infographic must be appealing and easy to read. Luckily, there are many places online that provide templates, helping you make the best infographics possible.

Here are a few design sites to consider:

Visually — Designing is not an easy skill to learn, and designing an infographic by yourself can be daunting. So why not leave it to the professionals? Visually offers a list of freelance designers who can do all the heavy lifting when it comes to designing your infographic. If you’re worried about quality, don’t be. Visually’s designers are seasoned professionals that have worked with big name-brand companies.

Canva — Canva is one of the most popular tools on the internet for making infographics and more. With a strong community of designers, there are plenty of templates and images to choose from. The interface is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to navigate.

Piktochart — If you want a large variety of templates to choose from, Piktochart may be the place for you. Piktochart has hundreds of templates created by expert design teams, so you only need to worry about the content. You also have the option to add photos, icons, videos, charts, and maps to your infographic.

Infogram — Is your information strictly data driven? If so, you should check out Infogram. When it comes to readability, Infogram excels, creating infographics that make data easy for all readers to comprehend. The interface also has an option for you to create responsive infographics that you can embed into your website, making them readable on any mobile device.

Before settling on one, check out all the options to see which one works best with the information you are trying to present.