Rumors regularly fly that SEO is about to die, and something new is about to challenge or replace it. That truth is that there’s no truth to such statements. SEO will never die. It will only evolve. Here are three reasons why SEO will never die.

Reasons Why SEO Will Never Die

1. SEO is the biggest source of attracting traffic. While there are some industry’s or niche marketing tactics that are the exception, search engines will remain the number one magnet for traffic for the foreseeable future.

2. SEO provides an ROI. Traffic that comes from search engine optimization tends to cost much less than other sources of traffic. After the initial investment of time that it takes for SEO to ramp up, your cost per acquisition or sale often has the highest return with SEO.

3. The need to search will always exist. People will always be looking for information. The easiest way to do this is to turn their computer on or grab their mobile device and type in a few words that will lead them to the information that they’re seeking. There’s no quicker way to access such vast information.