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Great companies know how important it is to have a solid relationship with their customers. Aside from the fact that it’s one of the most essential factors in building a successful business empire, good business-customer relationships bring improvement both on a personal and professional level, too.

Treat Customers as Friends

Building a positive relationship with our customers has always been a fundamental practice here at SEO National. Our relationships with our customers have always been personal and positioned as a priority. In recognition of August welcoming International Friendship Day, here are 3 reasons why treating customers as friends is a crucial factor in business success.

1. Customers keep business alive.

Relationship with your customers can make or break a business. Customers buying your product or services are the veins of your business. You can’t live without them. Embrace customers and make them feel like part of your business adventure.

2. Friends can teach you something.

Ignoring customers is one of the single biggest mistakes that you can make in business. By embracing customer feedback, you can learn. You can grow. Honest feedback is like free money. You are given direct communication on how to sell better to customers. Remember, buying is as much as an emotional decision as it is a financial one. Learning from existing customers on how to gain more business from other customers will help you bridge that emotional gap. Like a friendship, foster open communication with customers.

3. A customer that becomes a friend becomes a company advocate.

Customers that trust you become loyal. Loyal people become advocates of your company. Advocates recruit more customers for you… for free.

Friendship is truly important not just in personal life but in business, too. This International Friendship Day, together, let’s help spread awareness of the importance of friendship in our society.