Aside from their staggering value, Google isn’t the usual corporate firm. Google is known for being the opposite of a typical stuffy, strict, white collar spirit corporation like most multi-million firms today. One example of many is their tendency to incorporate “Easter eggs” within their site or various search results.

Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs aren’t the literal eggs decorated with fancy designs like those you see from your neighborhood’s Easter egg hunts. No. These Easter eggs from Google are secret features or images lurking beneath the surface of Google pages.

1. Time Travel to “Google In 1998”

Google was first founded in 1998. If you haven’t seen what Google looked like in 1998, you might imagine a classic and old-school” design. You’d be right. Want to see for yourself?

Go to Google right now and type “Google in 1998.” Don’t be surprised by the complete transformation of the search engine result page (SERP). I told you; it’s time travel. Your screen will change to what Google looked like when the company was first founded.

2. Atari Breakout

Too much work with computers can stress out anyone. What about you? Perhaps, this is the reason Google’s web coding gurus snuck in a secret gaming zone on image searches. What’s that game? Is it Candy Crush, Flappy Bird or Super Mario? It’s Breakout!

This classic video game was created by Atari, Inc. and had created quite a buzz during the 80’s and 90’s. If you’re an 80’s or a 90’s kid, you’ve probably done some bouncing adventures before with Breakout. See for yourself why it was such a success. Go to Google image search and type “Atari Breakout” to play now. Enjoy!

3. Have Google do a barrel roll or tilt

Want to see Google’s moves? Type the “tilt” inside the search engine and see for yourself how the results page becomes slightly tilted. Want more? Try again and type in the phrase “do a barrel roll.” Watch as a 360-degree spinning page blows you away.

There are countless other Easter eggs that Google sneaks in at various occasions throughout the year. Watch out around April Fool’s Day. They’re notorious for rolling out an annual prank. Their greatest hits have included Pac-Man built into the roadways of Google Maps, for a backwards displayed Google search, Google Fiber Dial-up mode and Toilet Internet Service Provider.