Here’s a way to unsuck it.

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Preparation is half the battle. Your brain will hurt less later on if you already know ahead of time what to write about versus coming up with a new topic on the fly each day.  Content calendars are key.  Start by mapping out your topics before hand by doing thorough research about topics that will benefit your audience or that you would enjoy writing about.

Don’t fall into the creative trap of thinking you’ll remember your ideas later on, keep a log of every idea that comes to mind.  Planning a few weeks ahead is good. I take it a step further and map out a 52-week content calendar.

“52 weeks?!”

Yes. It’s not as hard as it sounds.  Easy example, use the site Answer The Public.  Type in one of your keyword targets and it will spit out examples of different ways that your customers are ALREADY searching Google for that type of word.

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All you have to do now is be the answer for their questions. Write about that.

The main idea behind a content calendar is to make sure you know exactly what you’ll be working on every time you sit down to reduce fatigue and so you’re not faced with:

⛔️ writer’s block

⛔️ boredom

⛔️ unlimited distractions

⛔️ missed deadlines

If you skip the content calendar idea, by day three you’ll find yourself cleaning and sorting every Tupperware in your home by shape, size and color before you’re motivated to find something new to write about.