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Who will write in my blog? How many blog posts per week should I have?

Great question.  There are some types of businesses where it makes sense to blog, and others it may not make as much sense.  We often use a plumber company as an example.  There is only so much that an average consumer would want to read on a daily or weekly basis about clogged pipes.

After Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms, a lot of people are excessively pushing Content Marketing as the next big thing.  Content marketing is nothing new.  While it is a necessity, the key item to avoid is “excessively.”  Just like we gauge your industry to understand how many backlinks to submit, we would also do some competitive analysis on your industry to determine how frequently you should be updating your blog.

The way we usually fulfill blog copywriting is that we discuss with the client what topics are relevant for the upcoming month, quarter, year, etc.  We then map out the topics for that time frame and draft the content ahead of time, if applicable.  Once the blog copywriting is done we send the drafts to you to review.  That way we can all ensure quality control is accomplished.