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Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google created the first doodle to spread the word that they were attending a festival called Burning Man in the Nevada desert. The image that they created was the beginning of Google’s doodles that now adorn their home page with regularity. A new Google doodle will have throngs of visitors clicking to find the compelling story behind the image. A team of 10 artists and three engineers is now dedicated to creating the doodles that celebrate many topics, occasions, and personalities.

Valentines Day Google Doodle

(Pixabay / Prawny)

Love in Old Age

The Google doodle for Valentine’s Day 2008 speaks of love that endures through old age. The doodle shows an old couple holding hands. The aging man has his walking cane in one hand, and with the other, he is guiding an aging lady as she clutches two heart-shaped red balloons.

Cupid’s Arrow

Tradition is that any two people will fall in love when they are struck by Cupid’s arrow. The Valentine’s Day doodle of 2010 is an illustration of this love-imparting power. Cupid is the god of desire, attraction and affection and the son of love goddess Venus and war god Mars in classical mythology. In the Google doodle, Cupid is hovering over the letter G in Google, looking at the love that has blossomed between two hearts (the erstwhile Os in the word Google). The first heart is red while the second one is yellow. The two hearts overlap each other, symbolic of their love.

Interactive Doodle

Google had released quite a few interactive doodles, but they really caught viewers’ attention with the Valentine’s Day doodle of 2014 that told six beautiful love stories showing the real meaning of Valentine’s Day. Google teamed up with “This American Life,” a long-form storytelling radio show hosted by Ira Glass, in the roll out of this doodle. The love stories include Mr. Right, Blind Date, First Kiss, Crush, Puppy Luv, and 4Ever Yours. As the users click on each of the six candies, a romantic love story greets them. Many people consider the 2014 Valentine’s Day doodle to be one of the best ever, a creative portrayal of different aspects of love.

The Google doodle tradition has taken such a hold that it would hardly be Valentine’s Day without a touching or humorous image on our computer screen. Watch for this year’s doodle to get you in the Valentine’s spirit.