Infographics are a form of visual story-telling. They are used to present information that uses the elements of design in displaying content. They express complex messages to viewers in a simple way, which can enhance the viewer’s comprehension of the material. While images have been used regularly as an extension of a written article, infographics convey a message that is self-contained.

Top Infographic Submission Sites

(Pixabay / 200degrees)

Infographics aren’t a new visual technique, but they are becoming increasingly popular and artistic. No matter how good your infographic is, though, it will not reach your intended audience unless you publish it. The trick is finding effective sites that will get your infographic out to the widest audience possible.

Here are some good sites for delivering your infographic to the masses:

What started as a project has turned into a respectable collection of high-quality infographics. There are many infographic sites, but the ones that perform the best are those that review and quality control what infographics get posted, and that’s what makes so effective.

Fast Company is a trusted web news source. It has a section for “Infographic of the Day” that accepts submissions from the public. While it is a well-viewed resource, there is no guarantee that your infographics will see the light of publication because of the sheer number of submissions each day.

This site allows the creation, submission, and selling of infographics as well as various marketing materials. Here you will find a broad selection of analytical tools to help you understand how each image will reach the intended audience.

This site offers both paid and free submission services. It requires a 200-word blurb to be submitted together with your infographic. Your infographic is likely to be published if you spend sufficient time and effort to create a well-written description.

Infographaholic is a highly popular site for infographics. The site features various infographics on a wide range of topics. It can also filter what you see based on the topics that you select. One thing to note is that this site only accepts infographics with a width of 500px.

As the title implies, this site publishes a new infographic each day. While still an emerging site, it already has a large following. The numbers show that every infographic it publishes gets at least a couple thousand views.

This site lets you submit your infographics for a small fee, and it will promote your submission on its extensive social media profiles. You are in the right place at Infographic Database if you are looking for a high-quality submission site.

There are plenty more submission sites out there, but make sure that you check their credentials before you depend on them to distribute your infographic. You don’t want your infographic showing up next to an inappropriate one. Quality over quantity.