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If you’re sick of hearing “content is king” than this post is not for you.  Why?  Because…

Content is King

We had the opportunity to work with years of this client’s physical brochures, sales materials, pamphlets, etc.  Over the course of many weeks (many, many, many, many weeks) we converted their offline, printed materials into digital text and images.  This amassed to nearly 1,800 pages of unique content.  And guess what happened within 30 days of it going live?

increase organic traffic

You read that correctly.

Organic traffic increased 38.76%

We understand that not everyone is going to have 1,800 pages of content sitting around.  The point is that content works.  This particular increase was quick – one month.  But, stick to it and stay consistent and you’ll get there too.  This shows that you can’t argue that content doesn’t work.