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The biggest sports event in the country is almost here. The Super Bowl is viewed by more than 100 million people worldwide. It is not only the game that people are anticipating. The Super Bowl’s commercials are another major attraction.

Super Bowl and Social Media

(Pixabay / Unsplash)

The Super Bowl is also a major social media force. Last year, there were over 28 million tweets with Super Bowl-related content. Social media helps engage people across the globe in current events. Major sports match-ups like the Super Bowl can provide significant traction for social media.

Twitter Activity

Twitter’s massive presence during the Super Bowl is driven by people tweeting out Super Bowl party ideas, opinions on the half time show and score updates. Major brands use social media to their benefit, organizing special teams that tweet throughout Super Bowl Sunday. Twitter opens up a real-time marketing opportunity. It helps build brand awareness as companies tweet on matters that interest their customers.

Though television advertising, with its $5 million-per-ad price tag, may be the domain of mega-companies, smaller brands can still capitalize on the Super Bowl advertising opportunity thanks to Twitter. For example, companies ranging from pizza restaurants to insurance firms were engaged in the Super Bowl conversation on Twitter last year, providing fresh news and building their brands at the same time.

Facebook Posts

The Super Bowl is also heavily discussed on Facebook. There is always a dedicated Super Bowl fans page for the event. Football fans share friends’ posts and view videos and photos from news outlets, including commentaries from players and coaches. It is estimated that more than 50 million Facebook users participated in last year’s Super Bowl engagement.

Mastering Social Media

As the relationship between social media and the Super Bowl continues to deepen, businesses stand to benefit. By joining the game day conversations on Twitter and Facebook, companies can generate buzz that will help establish their brand among followers of the big event.