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Your CMS (“Content Management System”) is what your site runs on.  This beautiful piece of software is the bread and butter of your website.  Without it you could not manage or add content to your site, interact with your visitors, collect leads or make a sale.  Your CMS is the backbone of your online presence.  Your CMS can make the difference of a quick loading site or a slow loading site (which will be discussed in the next suggestion).

Nowadays, most CMS’s perform quite well.  However, even if you have a good CMS, that CMS can still become outdated.  Make sure you are running the latest version of your CMS.  With each new upgrade of any software it usually improves the efficiency and load time of that software.  Often this includes adding new featuresl that can maximize your exposure and profitability.

Lastly, keeping current with the latest version of your CMS can lower your level of vulnerability.  Many CMS upgrades may be minor, but are issued to fix or address any hacking vulnerability that your CMS may have.  Any and all CMS’s will have some vulnerability or another at some point, so it is in your best interest to stay current with your CMS’s version at all times.