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Infographics have become a valuable tool in marketing. They are a visually compelling medium that allows marketers to transform otherwise dry information into an engaging graphic. Infographics improve cognition by mobilizing graphics that enhance the visual system’s innate ability to recognize trends and patterns.

Infographics dos and donts

(Pixabay / kreatikar)

Here are some parameters to guide your infographics:

  • Do keep it simple — Don’t feel compelled to cram your infographic with so many visual elements that it becomes confusing or overwhelming. When you present a graphic element, make sure there is a clean background. Some designers will superimpose visuals on a patterned background, distracting viewers and undermining the potency of the graphic.
  • Do cite your sources — If you fail to cite the source of your infographics, your information will not be as credible. Your infographic could be information-packed, visually appealing, and easy to follow, but if you don’t include sources and your facts seem shaky, none of this will matter.
  • Do leave some white space — One common mistake in the creation of an infographic is to feeling that you have to fill up the white space. You don’t have to cover the entire infographic with stats and illustrations. Your viewers will need some visual breaks. Otherwise, your infographic could be overwhelming.
  • Don’t make your infographic do all the heavy lifting — While infographics resonate with many people, not everyone responds well to them. Use infographics to convey meaning, but make sure to support your meaning with other content as well. Infographics should be a supplement to the content you already have.
  • Don’t forget about colorblindness — Nearly five percent of the population is colorblind. Don’t ostracize this part of your audience. Remember that not everyone will see the color in your palette the same way. There are different degrees of color blindness, with some people unable to perceive saturation or hue. Make sure that your infographic accounts for people who perceive color in different ways.

Explore the power of infographics, but make sure that you adhere to some basic rules to make your infographics clear, compelling, and successful.