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Your brand defines your business. You worked hard to build it and to develop customers’ awareness of it. Deciding to rebrand is a high-stakes game. Sometimes, though, rebranding is inevitable, such as when your business changes significantly or when your brand loses it leading edge. As long as you are willing to do your research and put in the effort, you can successfully rebrand.

Rebrand Using Social Media

(Pixabay / yourschantz)

Here are some ideas for rebranding using social media:

  • Stay on top of social media – Your social media presence should be an important part of your rebranding strategy. Use it to prepare potential and current customers for your rebrand. Social media can also help you gauge how the market is reacting to your rebranding.
  • Study it out – Do your research to make sure that your new brand (including your name, symbol, design, etc.) is not already taken. You’ll be mopping up a lot of damage if you come out with a new brand, only to revoke it later because the brand is already taken.
  • Have a plan – You don’t have many chances to change your brand, so make this one count. Conduct research to see how your new brand will be received.
  • Promote in advance – Your social media followers are key members of your business community. You can gauge early interest in your rebranding plan by letting out clues that something big is forthcoming. You can even tease your community by giving them a glimpse of your new logo.
  • Be ready for feedback – Have your team anticipate possible questions and comments and be ready with replies. Assign a team member to monitor the social media account for reactions over the first few weeks of the rebrand.
  • Keep your profiles current – Make sure that you are poised and ready to update your social media platforms the day you launch your rebrand. Your profiles should be updated by the time you make the announcement.
  • Update your social media accounts – Update your Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and other social media accounts. Follow each platform’s unique policy on changing names.

Many companies have successfully rebranded their businesses. Don’t be intimidated by the process. If you have built a brand once, you can do it again. Allow ample time and resources for the rebrand, and stay vigilant even if you encounter some challenges along the way.