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Video marketing for small businesses has become a crucial strategy for those who utilize it well. If you aren’t using video marketing to boost your small business, now is the time to embrace this popular trend.

Video Marketing Helps Small Business

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Video marketing involves incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns and strategies for growing your small business. Videos can be utilized to engage with your customers, promote awareness for your brand, introduce new products and services to your target audience, and more.

There is substantial data to support the importance of video marketing. HubSpot’s 2018 State of Video Marketing Survey revealed that 81% of businesses regularly use video as part of their marketing strategy. More than 75% of marketers claim that videos have helped them increase traffic and sales.

You are sure to have people interested in your videos when you use them as an effective part of your marketing toolbox because the average person watches more than one and a half hours of online video content each day. In other words, there is a ready audience for your videos.

Video marketing can be used to educate, create, and inform new customers. The most common types of videos used by businesses for their marketing campaigns include brand films, educational videos, product videos, company culture videos, testimonials, instructional videos, FAQ videos, and 360° experience videos.

Video marketing for small business provides the following benefits:

  • Augments online presence – Without an online presence, there is very little chance for your business to survive in this increasingly tech-savvy, mobile-oriented world. Video marketing can increase your online presence by making the content easy to consume, and it’s more engaging than reading through a traditional article. Videos can even encourage readers to click a subscription link or to visit other websites. Your viewers can also share your videos with others.
  • Increase brand awareness – Videos are engaging, and people can watch them over and over again with ease. This repeated exposure can make people more fully aware of the brand that is being endorsed.
  • Boost social media engagement – It is easy to type out a post on social media that will promote your brand, but you can take it up a notch by uploading a video that does the same thing. The difference is that a video is more likely to grab and maintain a reader’s attention.
  • Drive sales – Videos in your marketing campaign will significantly drive your sales because the additional color, audio, and video elements make it easier for your consumers to remember what you’re selling.

Whether your small business is struggling or growing at a fast pace, adding videos to your marketing tools is a sure way to improve your online presence and the exposure to your brand.