You either love Google or you hate them.  They recently released “Project Shield.”  This tool is offered to non-profits.  The assumed value in this tool is it helps website uptime for activists if someone tries to pull down their website with a DDoS attack.

Google DDoS

At face value, it sounds great.  And, it probably is.  It’s always funny to hear everyone’s conspiracy theories with Google.  Some internet marketers wonder if this is just another “free service” from Google that they just use to harvest data.  What kind of data?  Google could use the IP logs of a DDoS attack to see who the “bad guys” are.  Who knows what they could do with the data afterwards to prevent connections to Google properties.  What would happen if they turned that data over to government agencies.  We’re not saying any of it is good or bad.  Makes you wonder though.

This could, obviously, cripple a website. At face value it seems like Google just being nice. Some wonder if it’s just another way for Google to collect data. In this case, now Google could collect IP’s of “bad guys.” This collection of IP’s to prevent censorship could end up being turned right around to restrict those IP’s from access to whatever Google or big brother may want to stop activists from seeing. Preventing censorship for censorship.

Everything Google does seems to be a conspiracy theory to someone though. See more about Google’s “Project Shield” below.