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YoutubeGone are the days of commenting anonymously on Youtube. As a Google owned property, Youtube now requires a Google+ account to make a comment. You used to be able to post video comments using your Youtube username. This name was often an alias and completely unrelated to a user’s real name. With the new requirement of a Google+ account to comment on Youtube, which displays your real name, there have been polar opposite responses of complete love or total hate for the new feature.

The move is interpreted as a way for Youtube to minimize comment spam. Video comments became a haven for spammers to share their get rich quick schemes or talk about the latest weight loss trends. Many love the change for the reason that those types of spam comments now likely decrease. Opponents of the change are against the lack of anonymity. Some users enjoy leaving honest responses of constructive criticism. Many now fear they’ll be retaliated against, because full names are now public. What are your thoughts?