For those of you that are familiar with Google’s PageRank, you may have been wondering why there has not been any updates for a while. Suposedly, back in February, 2013 the mechanism that aggregated PageRank data picked up a technincal issue and has since been “broke.” At a convention in the beginning of Q3 2013, Google’s Matt Cutts commented about the broken PageRank data that he did not foresee any updates to it for the rest of the year. Many in the industry interpreted this as Google’s way of transitioning out of supplying this data, similar to how they’re phasing out keyword data in Google Analytics.

To the surprise of many, last week brought “updated” PageRank data. As the data settles some people are still not satisfied. Many believe that, while the data is updated, it is not current. Rumors are that the data is from Q2 or Q3, instead of truly new Q4 data.