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nofolDoes Google love brands?  Many in the industry seem to imply that it is a resounding “yes.”  It’s hard to disagree with many of their arguments as to why.  This theory is magnified by Google’s algorithm changes over the last year.

We often remind clients that articles and press releases are a benefit to their campaign.  Nowadays, particularly after the recent algorithm updates, it seems they are a requirement.  You have to create “online news” about your company.  If other websites aren’t talking about your company/brand than Google notices.  This is why Google loves big brands, because people are always talking about them.  Big brands are always promoting themselves.  Online specials, press releases, news blasts, etc.  They do it because it works.  It gets the word out about their company.  It builds a brand.

So, does Google favor brands?  Below are 3 articles that try to elaborate on this theory.  All are examples of why articles and press releases are so important.

Old article (2009)

“Eric Schmidt (Google founder) made some comments that brands were more important.”

Article from last year (2012)

“Potential Brand Signals – keyword co-citation (articles)”

New article (Oct, 2013)

“Brand is Important to Rankings…  It is now critically important that the website answers questions for end users.  Yes, content is still king. In fact, content that answers specific questions may be critical for Hummingbird success.”