Entrepreneurs are a special breed. They often have to be productive and responsive around the clock. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to work well beyond the standard “9 to 5,” then hit the bed exhausted, only to have to wake up at the crack of dawn and do it all over again.

Energetic and Productive Start

(Pixabay / the5th)

If you work like a typical entrepreneur, you may wake up in the morning still reeling from the pressures and concerns of the previous day. You may feel unrested or preoccupied and be tempted to hit the snooze button repeatedly.

If mornings hit hard, here are a few hacks to make your a.m. hours go more smoothly and get your day off to a good start.

  • Plan your day before going to sleep – Spend a few quality minutes with your planner at the end of each day. Carefully assess your tasks and appointments. Committing the day’s pressures to paper (or to your device) can help free up your brain to relax. Plus, it’s easier to start the morning with a hard charge if you know what you’re in for.
  • Wake up earlier – Sleep is important, but perhaps equally important is the need to prepare for your day with a feeling of peace. Rather than waking up just in time to rush out the door, give yourself a few extra waking minutes to enjoy your morning routine without feeling frenzied.
  • Indulge – Do something that makes you happy at the beginning of the day. Build in five minutes to read to the kids, play with the dog, or start a crossword puzzle. It will make the morning routine feel a lot more fun.
  • Say no to your phone – Many people have the habit of checking their phones for messages or emails before getting out of bed. It may sound productive, but it can fill you with anxiety even before you get out the door. Get ready—then tend to the phone. The problems will still be there when you get around to them.
  • Eat breakfast – Healthy breakfasts will jumpstart your productivity for the day. Eat something nutritious and filling so your brain and body can work optimally.
  • Postpone the caffeine – If you need your coffee fix, try postponing it a bit. Enjoy your morning regimen and save your caffeine boost until you’re getting ready to head out the door or until you get to work.
  • Set goals – Set your most important goals for the day and stick to them. Don’t make them too daunting or you’ll feel too overwhelmed to start. Assign your goals priorities. Accomplish the most pressing ones and don’t stress out if you have to push the others off to the next day.

Starting your day peacefully and efficiently will set the tone for your activities for the whole day. Designing and adhering to a smart morning routine can help you cope like a champion with your demanding lifestyle.