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The answer is both “yes” and “no”.  Recently, videos have been ranking higher than site results for certain keywords.  What does that mean for you?  It means that, yes, your video could rank up at the top of a search results.  That is the “yes” part of the answer.  The “no” part is that, no, your site will not typicall increase rankings just from a popular video getting ranked.  If a video shows up that means the video gets clicked on, not your site.

Now, here’s how you can still take advantage of the situation.  You can still make the most of videos.  If you post a video, watermark it with your site’s url on the video frames.  If you are loading your video to youtube you can also annotate your video and add comment bubbles, links, etc.  As the video plays your annotations will show up where you designated them to and for how long you specified.  This provides added exposure.  With a watermarked video with annotations there is a decent chance that with all of the hits that your video may get that some will click on the annotated url or type in your domain name in their address bar.