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Developing your content marketing strategy is more than just throwing together words for blogs, tweets, and web pages. Instead of haphazardly throwing together your content, it’s important that each piece you create has a purpose to it. Doing so requires some forethought and effort on the part of all members of your marketing team.

Developing a Winning Content Strategy

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Here are a few things to do to make sure that all your content is fresh and contributing to your marketing goals:

Follow the trend — It’s easy to look at popular content strategies and write them off as short-lived fads that will eventually die. However, that kind of attitude may leave you behind your competitors. You should be constantly looking into new ways to reach out to those who are following you and those who you want to follow your business. You may think that certain avenues might not reach your audience, but you’ll never know unless you try. It’s just as important to know what doesn’t work as it is to know what does, so don’t be afraid to try new things. You may find that something you thought would never work is actually a game-winning strategy.

Hire a team of content creators — No matter how creative you are or how much time you think you will have to get everything done, creating content for your business shouldn’t be a one-man (or woman) show. You should delegate by hiring talented content creators who can get the job done. Whether they are writers, editors, or graphic designers, having a quality team generating your content will help put you at ease. Additionally, having other brains involved in brainstorming is never a bad thing.

Create an editorial calendar — Planning ahead is essential when it comes to marketing your business, especially when major holiday seasons are looming. Make sure that you have a list of topics you want to pursue during each month of the year and pinpoint the methods you will use to do so, whether it be blogs, social media, infographics, press releases, or videos. Make sure you are diversifying content so you can reach all types of audience members for your business. While you make a content calendar, remember that your content doesn’t have to be rigid. If something relevant to your business happens, feel free to shake up your schedule and play it by ear.

Engage with analytics — Part of your strategy should be to review analytics to see what kind of content is thriving, and where you may be struggling. This can help you determine which type of content you should be expanding, and which content you might want to rethink or scrap entirely. However, you won’t know any of these things if you never look at your analytics.

Creating and continuing to improve your content strategy can take a lot of hard work and effort, but if you are engaged in the process and working with a good team, you’ll be sure to generate quality content that turns into profits for your business.