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April Fool’s day is just around the corner and pulling a prank on your co-workers is an irresistible idea, right?  Here are a few of our favorite office pranks that have been pulled at our Utah search engine optimization agency.

Garden Keyboard

Not sure why Chia Pets haven’t jumped all over the garden keyboard.  All you need are some easy-to-grow seeds and a little water. Depending on your victim’s keyboard, you might have to disassemble it, because you’ll want to place dampened cotton on the base of the keyboard.  This will act as a seedbed to continue supplying the seeds with moisture.  Place the seeds within the dampened cotton and reassemble the keyboard.  After about a week, the keys will begin to sprout.

Messy Keyboard

Take all the keys off of a keyboard and rearrange them in any incorrect order.

Vanity Room

Prank your co-workers by covering the whole surface of their desk with the most embarrassing pictures of them that you can find.  Who doesn’t love their high school graduation pic?

Jell-O mouse and keyboard

Why not take someone’s mouse and keyboard home and place them inside a giant bowl of Jell-O?

Jell-O desk

Gift wrap everything

Everyone likes opening presents, unless it is their chair and desk that is covered in gift wrap.  The person opening the “gifts” won’t be laughing but the one’s watching will sure be.