People are always busy these days. Some people are busy due to work or their business and some are busy in nothing but themselves. Everyone lives in a fast pace nowadays and we sometimes forget to appreciate the life we have.

In younger years, we learn in history class about all the things that humanity has had to face in order for us to live the kind of life we have right now. Living comfortably has been made possible due to technology and the hard work of the people who paved the way for all of this to happen; seniors before us.


In recognition of Senior Citizens Day, just imagine how our life would have been if our seniors were just so busy enjoying life and none of them cared about something greater than themselves. Imagine if our seniors did not fight the wars that they fought. If we just easily gave up our freedom because nobody cared enough to fight for it and they were just content of a stagnant life. What if none of our seniors stepped up to make innovations and inventions that made our life easier to live now? What would our life be?

They rebuilt what was left of the war and other catastrophes that came. The communities we have right now, the businesses we have or we work for wouldn’t exist without the efforts exerted by the seniors who worked hard and lead the way for the societal and economic development.

Our life is definitely better thanks to the people who did their part to greater society.  Due to others going beyond their duties, we are able to pursue our own dreams of a better life. Our seniors did a lot for younger generations. They probably didn’t realize that they were doing it for us at the time but because we benefited we should be thankful. And to give back for what they have done, we must also do our part to make the society a better place for future generations.