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Nobody plans on accidents happening. That’s why they’re called accidents. In recognition of National Safety Month, here are four office safety tips.

1. Organize for safety

Safety should be integrated into your office set up all the way at the beginning, the moment you start designing, building, moving into, or rearranging your space. This includes the positioning of your appliances or machines, and the overall arrangement of the tables, chairs, wirings, and lights. Designing the office with safety as a primary concern will lead to a productive, safe, and efficient work area.

2. Maintain cleanliness

A large number of workplace accidents occur as a result of misplaced equipment or unintentional work hazards. By maintaining a clean desk and office space, you’ll minimize trip-hazards, obstructions, and other accidents waiting to happen. By staying clean, you’ll also be more organized which contributes to increased productivity.

3. Fix things, quickly

tools for repairs

If you notice a break room microwave has a loose wire or is positioned next to the water cooler, fix or move it quickly. If you find appliances where they can create a shock hazard, relocate or fix them. Is a door handle broken? Have it repaired. Is the wheel on your chair wobbly? Fix it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This applies to minimizing workplace accidents, too.

4. Orient everyone

Orienting your employees about the rules and regulations inside the office is beneficial in preventing accidents. By educating everyone in the office where things are located (i.e. fire extinguishers) it can also help minimize damage when accidents seem unavoidable.

Do you have easy suggestions for workplace safety that you can share?