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Remember when .tv and .co were meant to designate that a site was about Tuvalu and Colombia? Yeah, us neither. That was the intention though when those and many other ccTLD’s (country specific Top Level Domains) were created. The popularity of many TLD’s simplicity or catchiness has lead them to be used widely by webmasters and marketers for anything but country specific content. Some of the more popular TLD’s include:

  • .co
  • .dj
  • .fm
  • .me
  • .tv

So, Google has decided to treat those five, and 15 others, as generic.

  • .ad
  • .as
  • .bz
  • .cc
  • .cd
  • .gg
  • .io
  • .la
  • .ms
  • .nu
  • .sc
  • .sr
  • .su
  • .tk
  • .ws

What does this mean? For the most part it is good. At least we think so. Why? Just imagine that your favorite .com domain is taken. While .com may obviously be your first choice, these newly “generic” TLD’s give you a 2nd chance to get a domain name you want with a different TLD that still has the potential to rank all-the-same as the .com version.